How Bomber Jackets Should Fit?

How Bomber Jackets Should Fit?
Bomber jackets are a buzz nowadays and they are a must-have for every fashion lover. Though they came into style almost a century ago, the trend isn’t going to die down anytime soon.

The classic design paired with their eternal appeal makes a killer combination that is hard to resist. Whether you are buying warm jackets for the winters or custom bomber jackets for fashion, bomber jackets are in a league of their own.

However, you may find it tricky to get the perfect fit for you when shopping for bomber jackets. That’s why we are here to help.
Follow our short guide to know how exactly a bomber jacket should look on you.

Bomber Jackets Neckline
A typical bomber jacket is known for its round neckline. With the jacket zipped up, the neckline should not be too tight or too loose. Rather, it should sit flat on your body.

If your jacket has a mouton collar or furry neck, the collar should be as high as reaching below your natural hairline on the back. This gives full coverage to your neck in cold weather.

The design is meant to stay snug around your neck, especially at the back. This way, it protects you from the cold winds in winter.

Bomber Jacket Shoulder Fit

The biggest tell-tale sign of any ill-fitted item of clothing is how the shoulder sits on you. So, if your jacket is a tad too big or too small, it should be pretty easy to spot.
On either side of the jacket, the shoulders must sit right at your shoulder joint. This pattern of sewing ensures the clothing doesn’t affect your mobility.
Wearing a larger-sized jacket will give your jacket a baggy look. However, a smaller one will be tight and armholes will start a little too soon. Making it hard for you to put your arms down by your side comfortably.
With the perfect fit, you will have a full range of motion and a jacket that looks like it was made for your body.

Bomber Jacket Sleeves
The sleeves on a bomber jacket can either be full-length or ¾ quarter sleeves. It depends on your preference. For the long sleeves, they mustn’t go past the wrist for your correct size.
When talking about sleeves, let’s not forget about armholes. Because a badly-made armhole can be a real pain.
Just like the rest of the jacket, the armholes should be on the tighter side. Not too tight of course, you don’t want to restrict blood flow.
The placement of armholes must also be high on bomber jackets. As a lower positioned one won’t let you raise your arms without lifting the jacket along too.

Bomber Jacket Cuffs
There is quite a variety of bomber jackets available these days. However, most of them come with cinched in knitted elastic cuffs.
The cuffs on the jacket must sit snugly at your wrists. They should be tight but not too much to leave marks on your skin. So, if the cuffs go past your wrist, you need to size down.

Bomber Jackets Length
The waistband on bomber jackets can either be elasticated or regular. Regardless of the type, the jacket should be as long as your torso, ending at your hip or an inch below it.
Zipping up the jacket has to be easy. If it feels forced and you have to tug at the zipper, you might want to try a bigger size.

Bomber Jacket Overall fit
All in all, the bomber jacket is supposed to have a snug fit that is close to your body. This is to make sure that it can retain as much heat as possible.
To further support this idea, the collar, cuffs, and ribbing at the bottom are mostly elasticated and knitted. Giving the jacket its well-known close-fitted look.

Color Matters
It is often overlooked but finding the perfect jacket for yourself also entails getting the jacket color-matched to your skin tone.
Just like clothes, you can either have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone to your skin. So, while picking up your garments, try to match them to your natural skin tone for a cohesive look.
Warm-toned individuals may go for warmer colors in bomber jackets. While cool-toned people can opt for cooler ones. However, neutral skin tones can usually pull off any color.

Do Bomber Jackets for Women Fit Differently?
The answer to this is Yes. Though they are only slightly different:
The Shoulders & Sleeves: For men, perfectly fitted shoulders are a mainstay. But for women, oversized jackets are considered stylish. However, the criterion for sleeves is the same as for men.
Length: Unlike men, women’s bomber jackets come in both styles cropped at and below the waist. Women often wear larger jackets, so a longer length isn’t a real point of concern for them.
The Overall Fit: Bomber jackets for women usually have a tighter, more figure-hugging construction. This helps enhance the natural features of the body.
Although women can also take the oversized jacket route if it appeals to them.

Getting Custom Bomber Jackets
While the appearance of bomber jackets is mostly the same, they have gone through innovation in their design. That is why there is a huge selection of bomber jackets available on the market these days, where custom jackets are highly in demand.
So, if you want to get a custom bomber jacket, you’ll have to tell the details about the design to the tailor and they should sew a jacket for you accordingly.
However, if you want to avoid the fuss of buying fabric for the jacket and visiting a tailor for the design, then we are here to help. offers a huge selection of custom bomber jackets for kids, men, and women. We can customize jackets with your name, photo, Rhinestones, or just anything you may ask.
So, head over to, order your customized bomber jacket and receive it at your doorstep within 3 to 5 days.

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